Provence has many fantastic wine chateaux. The best-known wine here is the refreshing rosé but also the region’s white and red wines comes recommended. Below you find an overview of the different wine chateaux we can recommend in Provence and the Cote d'Azur. 

We have classified the chateaux with one to five Q's (QQQQQ). The more Q's the better quality and value for money.

Name Village Average price per bottle Price/ quality Information
Winechateau: St Roseline Les Arcs-sur-Argens  15-20 € QQQ more info
Winechateau: Font du Broc  Les Arcs-sur-Argens  10-20 € QQQQ more info
Winechateau: La Martinette  Lorgues  10-20 € QQQ more info
Winechateau: Marguì  Chateauvert  10-15 € QQQQQ more info
Winechateau: Fontainebleau du Var  Le Val  10-20 € QQQQ more info
Winechateau: Sainte Beatrice  Lorgues  5-10 € QQQQ more info
Winechateau: Le Domaine des Aspras  Correns  5-15 € QQQQ more info
Winechateau: Thuerry  Villecroze  10-30 € QQQQQ more info
Winechateau: De Berne  Lorgues  10-30 € QQQQ more info
Winechateau: Domaine des Sauronnes  Puget-Ville  5-10 € QQQQ more info
Winechateau: La Calisse  Ponteves  5-50 € QQQQQ more info
Winechateau: Domaine de L'Estello  Lorgues  5-10 € QQQQ more info
Winechateau: Domaine Saint-Pierre  Les Arcs  5-15 € QQQQ more info
Winechateau: Domaine des Annibals  Brignoles  5-20 € QQQQ more info
Winechateau: Miraval Le Val  15-50 € QQQQ more info
Winechateau: Féraud Vidauban  8-35 € QQQQ More info

Winechateaux ST Roseline (Les Arcs-Sur-Argens)

Château Sainte Roseline
83 460 Les Arcs-sur-Argens
Tél : 33 (0)

Adverage price: 

15-20 Euro





Q Home Chateau Sainte Roseline

Wine Chateau st Roseline: 

A beautiful chateau, which is definitely worth a visit. With 700 years of history in wine production, Château Sainte Roseline is one of the most outstanding in Provence. In 1955 Château Sainte Roseline was awarded the designation "CRU CLASSE." The clayey limestone soil and the underground water source are great for the vines and create a controlled feeding of the vineyards, all necessary for a fine wine. Château Sainte Roseline has108 hectares of vineyards, where eleven different grape varieties are grown: 

For red wine: Syrah, Mourvedre and Cabernet Sauvignon. 
For rosé: Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Cinsault and Tibouren.
For white wine: Rolle and Semillon and Clairette 


Q Home- st roseline fles rose

Rosé: La Chapelle Sainte Roseline Cru Rose, Mourvèdre , Grenache and Rolle. The grapes are gently pressed with pneumatic vacuum presses to avoid extraction of tannins and oxidation. Temperatures are monitored during the fermentation process in order to allow the right development. 

White: La Chapelle Sainte Roseline Cru Blanc, Rolle. Like the rosé these grapes are gently pressed and the temperatures are monitored as for the rosé. 

Red: La Chapelle Sainte Roseline Cru Rouge, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. The fermentation takes place in wooden casks with cold maceration at room temperature for five days. Barrel fermentation is continued for a month, where daily pig ages (??? – what???) provide a controlled extraction of tannin's, which create concentration and finesse. The maturation process lasts twelve months and takes place in new barrels.





Wine chateaux Font du Broc (Les Arcs-sur-Argens)

Address: Château Font du Broc
83 460 Les Arcs-sur-Argens
Tél : 33 (0)

Adverage price: 
10-20 Euro




Q home wijnchateau font du broc

Wine Chateau Font du Broc : 

This wine chateau is great. The wine is not cheap but has an excellent quality.

Since 2011 they have a slightly more affordable version of their wine, the F2B, also an excellent wine, which comes highly recommended. The chateau is very nice to visit and it is right next to Chateau St Rosaline. 


Q home wijn chateau font du broc

Rosé: Château Font du Broc Rosé, Grenache, Mourverdre, Cinsault and Syrah. Château Font du Broc 's Rosé, with her light pink dress is the pure tradition of dry rose in Provence. It will awaken your sense of smell due to a large range of aromatic citrus, red and exotic fruits.

White: Château Font du Broc Blanc.

Red: Château Font du Broc Rouge, Syrah, Cabernet - Sauvignon and Mourverdre. From our vintage 2006, you will discover its dark cherry robe, a delicate balance of tannins, mastering the rare technique of vinification in open oak barrel.


Rates (are an indication of price):
Rose: € 12.60
White: € 14.20
Red: € 9.70


Wine chateau La Martinette (Lorgues)

Address: Château La Martinette
4005 Chemin Martinette
83510 Lorgues
Tél : 33 (0)
E-mail: info@chateaulamartinette.com

Adverage price: 

10-20 Euro





Q home chateau la martinetteWine Chateau La Martinette: This chateau is from the seventeenth century. It has a shop where you can taste and purchase wines produced from the chateau. Several Provençal products are also sold here. Chateau La Martinette produces its own olive oil, cold pressed in a mill in Flayosc from the thirteenth century. This oil is also for sale in the shop. Of the 288 ha the vineyard takes up 35 ha. The grapes grown are: Rolle, Viognier, Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot, Grenache, Cinsault, Mourvèdre, Syrah and Carignan.


Q Home winechateaux

Rosé: Château La Martinette AOC, Cinsault, Grenache and Carignan. A fresh wine, aftertaste of grapefruit with a beautiful salmon colour. 

White: Blanc Château La Martinette AOC mono cépage Rolle. Good "attack” and length of the scent, light aromas of freshly-mown hay, good finish and a beautiful light golden colour.

Red: Cuvee Colombier AOC, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine is aged twelve months in oak casks. Firm flavour, beautiful structure, strong and round in the aftertaste, earthy, plenty of dark summer fruits. Wonderfully with red meat, cold white meats and cheeses.


NOTE: Château La Martinette changed ownership late 2013, and the new owner: Alexei Dmitriev is putting the chateau through a major remodelling process that will take at least two years.



Wine chateau Margui (Chateauvert)

Address: Château Marguì
83 670 Châteauvert
Tél : 33 (0)
E-mail: mickyguillanton@yahoo.com

Adverage price: 

10-15 Euro




Q home wijn chateau margui provenceQ home wijn chateau margui

Wine Chateau Margui: A new gem in the Coteaux Varois en Provence AOC. After centuries of wine production Margui went into oblivion in 1970. Margui came back to life in 2000, with a boisterous personality. The chateau has since then won several awards and in recent months, several Michelin - starred restaurants have put the wines from the chateau on their card; vintage 2008 provides access to full organic certification and is awarded numerous wine-contest prizes, including an "Overall Grand Prize" in Brignoles inter- regional competition.


Rosé: Cinsault and Grenache. A beautiful fresh rosé, pristine lychee robe, a delicate nose of lime and a long fruity berry-like finish.

White: Rolle and Ugni Blanc. Bright yellow colour with light golden tones. Freshness and body combine with a perfect flavour from good oak aging. A delicate start evolving towards hints of lime and ripe fruit. The finish is dense and powerful with toasted vanilla as punctuation.

Red: Syrah and Cabernet. Ruby red wine with purple hues. The scent is subtle and intense with a complex bouquet of black cherry and red fruit jam. Finish is long and healthy with a mix of red fruits and spices, wood maturation, vanilla and roasted coffee flavours.

Rose 75cl -  € 11.50
White 75cl -  € 15.00
Red 75cl -  € 15.95


Wine chateau Fontainebleau du Var (Le Val)

Address: Château Fontainebleau du Var
Route de Montfort sur Argens
83 143 Le Val
Tél : 33 (0)4 94 59 59 09
E-mail: info@chateaufontaindebleau.fr

Adverage price: 

10-20 Euro




Q home provenciaals chateau fontainebleau

Wine chateau Fontainebleau du Var: 

The Chateau is located in an authentic Provencal farmhouse from the 18th century, which is beautifully preserved. The chateau is surrounded by streams, waterfalls and fountains.

Besides the great wines this chateau is definitely worth visiting. Rumour has it that the chateau was so beautiful that George Clooney tried to buy it in 2011.


Rosé Cuvee Prestige (Appellation Coteaux Varois en Provence) 

Price: € 13.50 

Eye: very pale peach colour 

Nose: exploding with notes of citrus, peach and flowers. 

Flavour: full, immediate, a little peppery side and a nice freshness

Q home wijn chateau Fontainebleau


Wine chateaux Le Domaine des Aspras (Correns)

Address: Château Le Domaine des Aspras
83 570 Correns
Tél: 33 (0)
E-Mail: domaine@aspras.com

Adverage price: 

5-15 Euro




Q home wijn chateau domaine des aspras

Wine chateau Le Domaine des Aspras: 

The area owes its name to the specific characteristics of the soil. Located on the border of the Argens valley, surrounded by hills of white limestone soil, they gave the domain name "Asper-aspera", Latin for the rock garden. 

The bastide has a ‘chambre d'hote’ with four bedrooms and private bathrooms.



Q home wijnflessen domaine les aspras

White Côtes de Provence "Les trois freres":Typical for the region of Correns. This white wine named after the three sons of Michael and Anne Latz is very pleasant as an aperitif or with grilled fish. 

Lisa Rosé Cuvee: 
Vinified and aged on its lees in the cask. This beautiful rosé is nice to drink with a meal. The scent very intense with hints of ripe fruit. In the mouth, round and pleasant with ease. A real pleasure with fish. 

Red Cuvee: Unicorn: 
A dark pink red wine from 2008, with a scent of ripe fruit compote. Price: 13 euros


Wine chateau Thuerry (Villecroze)

Address: Château Thuerry 
83690 Villecroze
Tél. :

Adverage price: 
10-30 Euro




Q Home - thuerry flessen


Wine chateau Thuerry: 

Château Thuerry is located in three villages and three different wine areas: Flayosc - AOC Côtes de Provence, Villecroze - AOC Coteaux Varois en Provence; Tour Tour - Vin de Pays des Coteaux du Verdon. The entire property consists of 340 acres where they have 45 hectares of vineyards and olive groves. They produce a wide range of wines, available in three colours: Le Château Les Abeillons & L'Exception, and two sparkling wines: Blanc de Blanc & Rose: Les Bulles Emmêlees.


Q Home- thuerry

Rosé: Rosé Le château in 2011, Syrah, Grenache and Cinsault. This pleasant rosé has an elegant salmon colour, very flamboyant aromas and is well balanced and persistent in the mouth. 

White: Le Château Blanc 2011, Semillon, Clairette, Ugni Blanc and Rolle. Maceration at low temperature for the extraction of the aromas and volume, without the bitterness. A dry white wine with a structure combines strength, vibrancy and delicacy, with a complex bouquet of white flowers. Ideal with fish or white meat. 

Red: Le Château Rouge, 2009, Syrah, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon. The process starts with a cold maceration ending at 32 ° C in order to get the flexibility and strength. The aging is obtained in oak casks developing primary and secondary aromas. With its ruby colour this wine develops aromas of red fruits, making it an excellent choice to accompany red meats, game and cheeses.



Wine chateau De Berne (Lorgues)

Address: Château De Berne
Chemin de Berne
83510 Lorgues
Tél : 33 (0)

Adverage price: 

10-30 Euro




Q home chateau de berne lorgues

Winechateau De Berne: 

Chateau De Berne is well worth a visit. The gardens are beautifully landscaped and there is a lovely restaurant with a very good kitchen. There is also a ’Brasserie’ with a bar and a café, where you can eat something simple or have a drink. They also organise many activities at the chateau.



Q home wijn chateau de berne


If we should recommend a wine from their range it would be the AOC Côtes de Provence Chateau de Berne white wine. It has a deep and bright yellow colour with a complex flavour (roasted hazelnut, vanilla). You could describe it as: velvety with hints of exotic fruits (lychee, mango, and passion fruit) and a long finish.


Wine chateau Domaine des Sauronnes (Puget-Ville)

Address: Château Domaine des Sauronnes
83390 Puget-Ville
GAEC des Terres Rouges
Tél : 33 (0)
E-mail: michel.bouisson@laposte.net

Adverage price: 

5-10 Euro




Q home chateau domaine des sauronnes


Wine chateau Domaine des Sauronnes: 

This chateau could surprise you with its simplicity. The owner, Bouisson Michel, and his two sons, Christopher and Sylvain, have a great understanding and love for wine. This is reflected in each harvest. 





The Cuvée Louis: A lovely rosé aged in casks for three years. This gives it a specific aroma of ripe fruit, leather and wood. Serve with strong meats such as venison. 

Côtes de Provence white: with a scent of white fruits, white flowers and a hint of anise this wine has a fresh, full and fat flavour, ideal for fish. 

Our favourite is the Côtes de Provence red for only € 6.50, an absolute winner. Scent: intense, black currant, blackberry and black cherry, the flavour silky and spicy. Delicious with Magret and Confit de Canard (duck).

The favorite is the Côtes de Provence red for only € 6.50, an absolute must. Smell: intense, black currant, blackberry and black cherry taste silky and spicy. Delicious with Magret and Confit de Canard (duck).


Wine chateau La Calisse (Ponteves)

Address: Château La Calisse
83670 Ponteves
Tél: 33 (0) / 33 (0)
E-Mail : contact@chateau-la-calisse.fr

Adverage price: 

10-50 Euro




 Q home wijnfles chateau la calisse

Wine chateau La Calisse: 

A small domain with a great reputation. In 1991, Patricia Ortelli fell in love with a small estate winery located in Pontevès in the Haut Var. Before she acquired the chateau, she had never made wine before, but after more than 20 years, she has developed this little domaine into a very good winery with its own beautiful character.



Cuvee Patricia Ortelli red: a wine characterised by a black currant and blueberry scent. The wine has rich aromas of black fruits (especially cassis dominates). Good with red meat, duck and deer. 

Cuvee Etoiles: Scents and aromas of nuts, lemon and delicates flavours of chestnut cream due to the aging in oak barrels. Serve with white meat, cheese or foie gras. 

Our favorite is Patricia Ortelli Rosé at a price of €14 Euro – really delicious! The wine has a light pink hue with delicate notes of peach and citrus. The flavour lingers and is elegant and delicious with foie gras, shellfish, and fish.


Q home wijn chateau la calisse


Winechateau Domaine de l'Estello (Lorgues)

Address: Domaine de L'Estello

838 chemin de Belinarde
Route de Carces
83510 Lorgues
Tel: +33 4 94 73 22 22

Adverage Price: 

5-10 Euro








Q home domaine de l´estello lorgues

Wine chateau Domaine de L'Estello: 

In the hills of Lorgues amongst olive trees and forest you find the 35 ha Domaine de L'Estello. Te domaine produces annually on average 65,000 bottles of red, rose and white wine.

The oldest vines are from 1922 and the youngest 2010. The average age is 22 years. Most vines are cultivated using the "palissage" method, where every row grows along a wire structure.


Rosé: Cuvee Rose Gold Sextant 

Grenache; Syrah; Cinsault, aged in aluminium casks under a controlled low temperature, effectively releasing the aromas.

White: Gold Cuvee Sextant 

Rolle; White Ugni, aged in aluminium vessels under a controlled low temperature. The wine has a soft yellow tint with a golden glow. 

Red: Gold Cuvee Sextant 

Cabernet Sauvignon; Syrah, aged in oak barrels for 11 months.



Wine chateau Sainte Beatrice (Lorgues)

Address: Château Sainte Beatrice
491 chemin de peiroux
83510 Lorgues
Tél : 33 (0)
E-mail: contact@sainte-beatrice.com

Adverage price: 

5-10 Euro




Q Home - Sainte Beatrice

Wine chateau Sainte Beatrice: 

Probably one of the finest wines from Lorgues and you can acquire it for a relatively low price. The rose is a must.

Former restaurateur, Jean Novaretti, took on a new challenge in Lorgues. Out of nowhere he started the domaine Château Sainte Beatrice.

This fifty-acre domaine also has about 300 olive trees and produces its own extra virgin olive oil, natural and untreated. 

The Cave of the chateau has more than 300 casks of which one third is renewed every year.


Red wine Vaussière: This wine is rich and structured with velvety tannins, goes well with a nice piece of beef. 

White vintage Vaussière: Rolle and Semillon, fresh and elegant with aromas of citrus, banana and exotic fruits, a very balanced wine. Enjoy it as an aperitif or with fish ‘en papillote’. 

Cuvee Rosé Vaussière: A beautiful pale pink colour and elegant fragrance make this rosé wine a pleasure to enjoy with the Mediterranean cuisine, or in the sun on the terrace.



Wine chateau Domaine Saint-Pierre (Les Arcs)

Address: Château Domaine         Saint-Pierre
83460 Les Arcs
Tél : 33 (0)
E-mail: contact@chateausaintpierre.fr

Adverage price: 

5-15 Euro




Q home wijn chateau domaine de saint pierre

Winechateau Domaine Saint-Pierre:

The origin of this famous chateau dates back to the eleventh century. Recently the cellars were fully restored.

The current vineyard covers 55 acres along the Argens river at the foothills of the Massif des Maures. For four generations, the wines are lovingly made from noble grapes of AOC. The current owner, Jean-Philippe Victor, has run the family business since 1987.



 If you want to buy a great quality for a good price then visit this wine chateau.


Wine chateau Domaine des Annibals (Brignoles)

Address: Château Domaine des Annibals
Route de bras
83170 Brignoles
Tél : 33 (0)
E-mail: dom.annibals@wanadoo.fr

Average price: 

5-20 Euro




Q home wijn chateau domaine des annibals

Winechateau Domaine des Annibals: 

The wines from this domaine are made with passion and conviction and completely organic. Domaine des Annibals is relatively small with its 27 hectares of vineyards.




Q home wijnfles domaine des annibals

Red: Fesse-Mathieu. This garnet red Coteaux Varois has aromas of berries and herbs, fresh in the mouth with mineral-like silky tannins. 

White: La Jouvencelle – has a bright white colour and smells of citrus and white flowers, is fresh and spicy. Ideal with fish, shellfish or white meat. 

Rosé: The cuvée "Suivez-moi jeune homme" - is highly recommended. It has a beautiful light pink colour and scents of white flowers, white peach and strawberry. A refreshing wine with a long finish. Delicious with Provencal dishes.



Wine chateau Miraval (Le Val)

Address: Château Miraval
83 143 Le Val
Tél : 33 (0)
E-mail: info@miraval.com


15-50 Euro




Q home wijn chateau miraval

Wine chateau Miraval: 

This chateau is well known because Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie own it. Apart from that it is also a stunning chateau dating back to pre-Roman times. 

You arrive at Chateua Miraval via a long winding lane through woods and vineyards with spectacular views of the "Gros Besillon". The beautiful stonewalled, cascading terraces are now replanted with thirteen different types of olives. Water seems to run anywhere from aqueducts and fountains through hidden tunnels and canals into the lake. 

The estate, located at an altitude of 350 meters boasts 400 hectares with 75 hectares of vines. Visit to the chateau is only available on request with a group of at least 12 people.


Rosé: This is very well known and has won many awards. It is light pink and has the scent of lively fruit with a hint of pear and apple. 

White: Also a very good wine, with the scent of citrus fruit, white flowers and toasted almond, with an extremely long finish, very tasty and intense, goes well with "foie gras" or cakes.

Red: Has an intense ruby red colour, complex aromas of spices and red fruits, with a well-developed flavour.



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