Provence is characterized by its delicious Provencal cuisine. There are many restaurants that have these typical dishes on their menu. There are also more and more restaurants, on a lovely international cuisines, sometimes with a light Provencal influence.

Below is an overview of the various restaurants that are recommended in Provence and the Cote d'Azur. The restaurants are classified by us with one to five Q's (QQQQQ). The more Q's better the quality / price ratio.

Name Restaurant Village Price main course Price/ Quality
Restaurant: La Main a la Pate Lorgues 10-15 € QQQ
Restaurant: Les Bonnes Choses Lorgues 15-20 € QQQ
Restaurant: La table de Pol  Lorgues 20-25 € QQQQ
Restaurant: Le Bistro Gourmet  Lorgues 10-20 € QQ
Winebar: "Le 8" Lorgues n.v.t. QQQ
Restaurant: Le Chrissandier Lorgues 20-30 € QQQ
Restaurant: Chez Bruno Lorgues 30-35 € QQQQ
Restaurant: Le clos des Vignes Cotignac 20-25 € QQQ
Restaurant: Lou Betou  Draguignan 20-25 € QQQ
Restaurant: Lou Farniente  Flayosc 10-15 € QQQ
Restaurant: La Table de la Fontaine Cotignac 15-20 € QQQQQ
Restaurant: Auberge du Parc  Corrence 30-35 € QQQQ
Restaurant: L'Oustaou Flayosc 20-30 € QQQQQ
Restaurant: La Fleur de thym Flayosc 15-20 € QQQQ
Restaurant: La Table du Moulin Lorgues 20-25 € QQQ
Restaurant: Brasserie Bertin Draguignan 20-25 € QQQQ
Restaurant: Da Laura Cannes 15-20 € QQQQQ
Restaurant: Bistrot d' Antoine Nice 15-20 € QQQQQ
Restaurant: Pomme du Pin Ramatuelle 10-20 € QQQQ
Restaurant: Les Temps des Cerises Fayence 29-48 € QQQ
Restaurant: L'Escourtin Fayence 20-60 € QQQQ
Restaurant: Le Castellaras Fayence 30-60 € QQQ
Restaurant: La Gloire de mon Père Seillans 20-40 € QQQ
Restaurant: Le Relas d'Oléa Seillans 20 40 € QQQQ
Restaurant: Hôtel des 2 rocs Seillans 25-65 € QQQ
Restaurant: Eric Maio Montauroux 25-70 € QQQ

Restaurant: La Main a la Pate (Lorgues)

Q Home La main a la Plate

Authentic Italian restaurant where the food is prepared on a traditional Italian way. It’s also possible to take away lasagne, delicious anti-pasta, stuffed aubergines, etc.

Opening hours: daily opened, closed on Wednesdays
Address: Rue de la Vieille Commune, 83510, Lorgues
Tel: 0033-494-737373 

Restaurant: le temps des cerises (Fayence)

Q Home Le temps des CerisesIn this exclusive restaurant has a cozy atmosphere, hangs the terracotta colored Meuren give a warm impression. Original dishes are served, based on the classic kitchen. Or as the Dutch chef Louis himself says, "do not play too much with the products on your plate, they have enough flavor of its own." 

The kitchen is open from 12:00 to 13:30 and 19:00 to 21:30 on. 
Tuesdays they are closed. 

Address: 2 Place de la Republique, 83440 Fayence, South France 
Tel: 04 94 76 01 19 

Restaurant: l escourtin (Fayence)

Q Home restaurant L escourtinNear this old mill you can eat beautiful classic and traditional Provençal dishes. But, pull on your fancy clothes, because shorts and sneakers is less appreciated. 

The kitchen is open from 19:00 dinner (ordered to 21:15). 
For lunch you can go from 12.00 (available until 13:30). 

Address: 159 chemin de Notre Dame des Cypres, 83440 Fayence, 
South of France 
Tel: +33 (0) 4 94 76 00 84

Restaurant: castellaras (fayence)

Q Home Restaurant CastellarasThis Provençal mas, you have a beautiful view over the valley of Fayence and the mountains of Esterel. The chic restaurant only uses fresh products. Here you can eat delicious cuisine! 

The restaurant is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. 
Address: 461 chemin de Peymeyan, 83440 Fayence, South France 
Tel: 04 94 76 13 80

Restaurant: la gloire de mon pere (seillans)

Q Home Gloire mon PereThis restaurant is located in the picturesque village of Seillans, the tables are fitted around thee old fountain. A really charming place, under the plane trees you soak up the Mediterranean cuisine. For a lunch you pay € 23, with wine and coffee included.

Q Home - Restaurant la gloire de mon pereAdres: Place Thouron, 83440 Seillans, Southern France 
Tel: 04 94 60 18 65

Restaurant: le relas d olea (seillans)

Q Home restaurant le relas d oleaAt this idyllic place you can enjoy and have a great dinner. You will be warmly received by waiters and the restaurant gives you a real feeling of Provence.
Menus are available for € 29 and € 39, price / quality is top notch. 

Breakfast: (June to September) from 08:30 am, lunch from 12:00 to 14:00, dinner from 19:00 to 21:00. Closed on Tuesdays. 
Address: 1 place du Thouron, 83440 Seillans, Southern France 
Tel: 04 94 60 18 65

Restaurant: hotel des 2 rocs (seillans)

Q Home hotel des 2 rocsThis luxury restaurant  works with fresh products. They work together with local egg farms, hunters and fishermen. However, on the pricey side, but very tasty dishes that are nicely formatted. Prices are between € 30 and € 75 (most expensive menu). 

Address: 1 place Font d'Amont, 83440 Seillans, South France
Tel: 04 94 76 87 32

Restaurant: eric maio (montauroux)

Q Home Eric MaioHere you will find haute cuisine, because Eric Maio has a Michelin Star. This restaurant has special dishes and beautiful products. You can choose a 'market menu', for this you pay € 29 and you get a menu made with products from the market. (Other menus are between € 52 and € 77.) You can also find many truffle back in his dishes. Highly recommended if you want to go fine dining! 

Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 
Quartier Narbonne, 83440 Montauroux, Southern France 
Tel: 04 94 47 71 65

Restaurant: Lou Farniente (Flayosc)

Q Home Lou FarnienteRestaurant Lou Farniente is a very funny and hip restaurant in Flayosc. Here, you can have a perfect lunch. They have delicious salads and friendly service. 

Address: 1 Rue des fainéants, 83780 Flayosc, Southern France 
Tel: 0033 - (0) 9 81 91 71 99 

facebook-Lou Farniente

Restaurant: La Table de la Fontaine (Cotignac)

Q Home La table de la FontaineLa Table de la Fontaine is a lovely restaurant with a very good price / performance ratio. It has a French cuisine and a beautiful terrace on the square of Cotignac under the plane trees. The 'escargots' are highly recommended! There is a two course meal starting from 20 euros. 

Address: 27 Cours Gambetta, 83570 Cotignac, Southern France 
Tel. 0033 - (0) 4 94 04 79 13

Restaurant: Auberge du Parc (Correns)

Q Home restaurant Auberge du ParcIn the beating heart of green Provence you will find this former Bastide. It has a stylish decor with Italian-Provençal accents and a touch of rococo. 
Onno Stijl and his team invite you to dine with angels dancing on the ceiling or outside under the plane with him. Onno's style: daily menu with lots of fresh vegetables and food, he has tastefully chosen for you. A small but perfectly balanced with a local wine list. This restaurant is highly recommended! 

Address: Place Général de Gaulle, 83570 Correns, Southern France 
Tel: +33 - (0) 4 94 59 53 52 

Restaurant: L'Oustaou (Flayosc)

Q Home restaurant L OustaouTastefully decorated restaurant on the square of Flayosc, great to have some food.The menu is small but well balanced. They also often have delicious menus.
The large terrace in the summer is a lovely place to enjoy the village Flayosc. 

Address: 5 Rue du Docteur Bremond, 83780 Flayosc, Southern France 
Tel: 0033 - (0) 4 94 70 42 69

Restaurant: La Fleur de thym (Flayosc)

Q Home Restaurant la fleur de thymGenuine Provencal restaurant with a menu that changes monthly. The interior is not great, but the food is tasty and really, that's what it is all about.

Address: 3 Boulevard Jean Moulin, 83780 Flayosc, France 
Tel: 0033 - (0) 4 94 50 31 53

Restaurant: La Table du Moulin (Lorgues)

Q Home La Table du MoulinReally Provençal restaurant just below the large church of Lorgues.
The restaurant is in an old olive press. The inside and outside are nicely decorated and the food is great. There is a delicious menu starting from 25 Euro. 

Address: 5 rue de Climene 83510 Lorgues, France 
Tel: 0033 - (0) 4 94 73 98 87

Restaurant: Brasserie Bertin

Q Home Brasserie BertinBrasserie Bertin is a very good restaurant, located in Draguignan since 2010. The price / quality of this restaurant is very good, it is delicious cooking for an affordable price. Highly recommended!
In the evening they have an very affordable menu. 

Address: 13 Boulevard Marechal Foch, 83300 Draguignan, Southern France 
Tel: 0033 - (0) 4 94 70 74 16

Restaurant: Da Laura (Cannes)

Q Home Da LauraLittle away, but definitely a must if you are visiting Cannes. Be early because they are always full. The Italian owners cook in the purest form. Delicious pastas and beautiful appetizers and desserts. The menu is small, but everything is fresh!

Address: 8 Place de la Libération du 24 Août 1944, 06400 Cannes, 
South of France 
Tel: 0033 - (0) 4 93 38 40 51

Restaurant: Bistrot d' Antoine (Nice)

Q Home Bistro d AntoinePrice/ quality wise this is the best restaurant at the Cote D'Azur. A wonderfully cozy restaurant in the heart of Nice, which has survived generations. Delicious pure products, superb taste and style. Also a great wine list with very tasty wines.
Highly recommended if you are in Nice. Reserve or go early, it is always full!

Address: 27 Rue de la Prefecture, 06300 Nice, southern France 
Tel: 0033 - (0) 4 93 85 29 57

Restaurant: Pomme du Pin (Ramatuelle/ St Tropez)

Q Home Pomme du PinIf you're in St Tropez and you fancy an Italian restaurant with delicious food at an affordable price, then La Pomme du Pin is highly recommended. It is a bit difficult to find, but if you follow directions to the Tahiti beach you will pass it. 

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 12:00 to 14:30, 19:30 to 23:30 (closed outside the season) 
Address: Route de Tahiti, 83350 Ramatuelle, South of France 

Tel: 0033 - (0) 4 93 85 29 57

Restaurant: Lou Betou (Draguignan)

Q Home Lou BetouLou Bétou is a very attractive restaurant between Lorgues and Draguignan. Both inside and outside are nicely decorated. Inside hangs a cozy living room atmosphere.
Book on time because the restaurant does not have many tables. Appetizers are 10-20 euros and mains 20-30 euros. The cuisine is authentic French. 

Address: 163 Chemin Michel Margueritte, 83300 Draguignan, southern France 
Tel: 0033 - (0) 4 94 39 75 27

Restaurant: La Table de Pol (Lorgues)

Q Home Table de PolNicely decorated restaurant in the main street of Lorgues, where you can enjoy a nice dinner for a good price/quality value. The big terrace in front of the restaurant is a lovely place to enjoy the village life of Lorgues in the summer.    

Address: 18, Place Georges Clemenceau, 83510, Lorgues
Tel: 0033-494-470841 

Restaurant: Le Bistro Gourmet (Lorgues)

Q Home Le Bistro GourmetAuthentic Mediterranean menu, here you can have a dinner with tree courses for only
18 Euro’s per person. Also a nice place to have lunch.

Address: 12, Place Georges Clemenceau, 83510, Lorgues
Tel: 0033-494-676897 

Restaurant: Winebar Le 8 (Lorgues)

Q Home restaurant le 8

Cozy little wine bar in Lorgues, ideal for a nice appetizer. Le 8 has a wine list with lots of different rose, white and red wines, all possible per glass. Next to the wine the owner often serves a nice plate with little snacks.

Opening hours: 9.30-13.30 / 16.30-19.30
Closed Thursdays and Sundays from 9.30 - 13.30
Address: 8, Rue de Dr Cordouan, 83510, Lorgues 

Restaurant: Le Chrissandier (Lorgues)

Q Home Le Chris SandierWonderful gourmet restaurant with a big terrace at the main road of Lorgues, and a little romantic terrace at the back of the restaurant. Le Chris Sandier has a varied menu, with lots of nice dishes.

Opening hours: daily opened in July and August; off season closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Address: 18, Cours de la Republique, 83510, Lorgues 
Tel: 0033- 494-676715

Restaurant: Le Clos des Vignes (Cotignac)

Q Home Le clos de VignesSurrounded by vineyards, 3 km outside Cotignac, is the restaurant Le Clos des Vignes. You can eat between 15 and 30 euros per dish. There is also an afternoon three-course lunch menu for 25 euros. 

Route de Montfort-sur-Argens, 83570 Cotignac, Southern France 
Tel: 0033 - (0) 49-4047219

Restaurant: Chez Bruno (Lorgues)

Q Home Chez BrunoDining in style is possible at worlds biggest truffle king close to the village of Lorgues, called Bruno. The famous restaurant of top chef Bruno has gained its name, by Bruno’s love of truffles, which are transformed into miraculous dishes. There are menus available in a range of 65-150 Euros, depending on the type of truffle you choose.   

Address: Campagne Mariette, 83510, Lorgues 
Tel: 0033- 494-859393

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