Do you like walking? Provence in southern France is ideal to make pleasant walks. There is a lot of variety in a small area. Below are the routes that we recommend. We have chosen these routes because they run through the most beautiful sites of Provence, a great experience guaranteed. 

Name walkingtrack duration Level Location
Promenade 1 Domaine Chateau d'Astros 1.5 hour easy Vidauban
Promenade 2 Sillance la Cascade      1 hour mediocre Sillance la Cascade
Promenade 3 Towards Haute Bessillon   3 hours difficult Cotignac
Promenade 4 Railway Salernes to Lorgues    3 hours easy Salernes
Promenade 5 Natureparc Plaine des Maures  1.5 hour easy Le Luc

Promenade 1 Domaine de Chateau d'Astros (just outside Vidauban)

This is a hike of 1.5 hours and suitable with children. From the carpark you walk along the D48 between Lorgues and Vidauban (Coordinates 43.43547,6.410265). From there you walk through a great environment with ancient aqueducts, a chapel with holy water and back via Chateau d'Astros, which is definitely worth a visit. Below a small photo impression:

 Q home wandelen vidauban  Q home wandelen wijngaarden

Q home wandelen vidauban kapel  Q home wandelen

Promenade 2 Sillance la Cascade

At Sillance la Cascade (village) is also a great walking track. You walk from the parking lot just outside the village Sillance (coordinates 43.56692,6.177921) through the olive grove to the waterfall (about 10 min). There you can take the stairs down to the waterfall, here the children can play and you can have a great picnic. The water of the river is 'riviera blue' and really beautiful. In the area are some nice viewpoint over the region. 

During the high season (July and August), the waterfall drought is a lot smaller than in the spring and autumn. Below is a small impression:

Q home waterval sillance la cascade  Q home sillance la cascade

Q home wandelen waterval  Q home wandelen sillance la cascade

The trail is well indicated. Also the village Sillance la Cascade is definitely worth a visit.

Promenade 3 Towards Haute Bessillon (just outside Cotignac)

Q home wandelen haute bessillon

This trail goes up to a height of about 850 meters. This seems high, but because of the the gradual increase you don't notice it that much. The best you to reach this promenade is to go with the car and drive to the Bessillon. From Salernes is about half an hour on the beautiful road from Entrecasteaux to Cotignac. It is a entertaining trail with surprising elements of nature all the way to the top where there is a truly magnificent view over the entire Var. When the weather is good, you can even see the sea at Frejus! Also, the Mont Ventoux and the Gorges du Verdon visible. 


Promenade 4 Over the old railway from Salernes to Lorgues

The Train des Pignes walk is track over an old abandoned railway line that runs through southern France. From Salernes take the route to Entrecasteaux. After about a kilometer (coordinates: 43.545624,6.251521) the old railway line starts and runs all the way to Lorgues. The railway will pass nice streams and beautiful nature. The railway will also pass Chateau Menton, here you can taste wine. 

It is quite a long walk, and keep in mind that you need a car waiting at the other end to pick you up. 

Promenade 5 Natureparc Plaine des Maures

The National Park Plaine des Maures is a protected area that is easy to visit for hikers. The beautiful pine trees combined with the red rock soil makes the area unique. It has a large colony of wild tortoises (this is why the area is protected). There are several walks, but also for a morning jog is it perfect. Along the D558 are several parking lots to begin your hike. Personally, we think (Coordinate: 43.348401,6.427681) is a very nice place to start, there is a lake close by as well. 

wandeling Plaine des Maures

The weather in the South of France is ideal for hiking. Only the months July and August in the south of France are very hot, so don't forget to bring water.
Also check out our weather page to get a good idea about the temperatures in Provence. 

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